Commenting Policy

Because every blog needs one, right?

The short version: this is blog is not a democracy.

The longer version: this blog is inherently committed to anti-oppression principles, and is designed to be safe space for marginalized people and our allies. If you’re unfamiliar with anti-racism 101, feminism 101, etc. this is not the place to learn that, and you should familiarize yourself with these concepts before you comment here. There are a number of excellent blogs and other resources available online to educate yourself in these areas, and I’ll do my best to link them where possible. That said, it is not my job as a marginalized person to educate you; my primary responsibility is to my own psychological and spiritual health, and that of the marginalized people who may comment here.

Debate is welcome here, given that it’s honest debate, and you are willing to check your privilege at the door. Derailing for Dummies tactics, or any form of ‘splaining do not constitute honest debate, and therefore will not fly here. There are many spaces where that sort of thing is acceptable and par for the course. If you find yourself feeling “stifled” here, I respectfully direct you to those other spaces, because this little corner of the internet doesn’t play that particular game. Coddling privileged people is not the purpose of this blog.

Trigger warnings are also asked for on potentially triggering comments. Again, safe space. When in doubt, add one. It’s better to be overcautious than under.

Respect this space, and you are welcome here.

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