I think it’s time for a blog about race and Paganism, don’t you?

What this site represents is, I hope, one small step toward greater visibility for People of Color in modern Paganism. For far too long, we’ve been ignored and marginalized, both by the mainstream media which refuses to acknowledge our existence, and by our own communities. Being a minority within a minority is always difficult, and our points of view are almost never heard.

I don’t purport to speak for all Pagans of color, only for myself and my own experiences and frustrations in nearly thirteen years of practice. I am probably the wrong person to do this, as I have a notoriously short fuse and my spiritual practices are relatively fringe even among Pagans. I’m not a Big Name Pagan nor do I aspire to ever be one. I’m just an angry black chick with a keyboard and a giant chip on her shoulder. I’m not out to make friends and be popular. Some of what I have to say will probably offend a great many people. That’s not really my concern. My hope is that I get people thinking, even when they don’t agree with me. I also hope that this will encourage more Pagans of color to “come out”, so to speak, and talk about their own experiences.

Mostly we just need to have a talk about this epidemic of the Dumb Ass that has been running rampant for far too long in the Pagan community. Hopefully this site will be the Robitussin some of y’all need.

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